We invite you to our newest 

(and hopefully greatest) 

annual fundraising event! 

Tickets may be purchased from DateKeeper via the "Buy Tickets" button below

Wondering how you can help us make this event a success? Here are several ways we NEED you:

- Purchase tickets to the event for you and your significant other,
  or for you and a friend!
   You can do this by visiting the Special Ministries Office at St.George Lutheran Church on
   803 W. Main St. in Brighton, MI. You can also purchase tickets via DateKeeper above by
   clicking on the "Buy Tickets" button. You will not receive a hard copy ticket, but there
   will be record of your purchase and a ticket at the door.

- Donate an item to the silent auction.
   We welcome personal donations and/or business donations. Whether you mail the item or
   drop it off, we ask that you fill out our auction donation (to be obtained at drop off or via
   email)for our records and yours. We love items that are hard to find elsewhere - think 
   handmade, memorabilia, adventures, antique, etc. Some ideas for auction items include: 
   golf, gift cards ($50 is a standard amount), local hotel overnights, teeth whitening from 
   your dentist, tickets to a  sporting event or play,inflatables or ice cream for a kids' party 
   (would come as a certificate for the auction), hot air balloon ride, radio program studio 
   tour and sit in, and carpet cleaning.

- Become a Sponsor!
   Sponsorships may be made via our DateKeeper account by clicking on the "SPONSOR" button 
   below. Sponsorships are currently available as follows: 

      Diamond Sponsor ($2,000) - Name/Logo on front of program, verbal recognition at
                                                event, recognition in press coverage, and table of 8
      Gold Sponsor ($1,000) - Name/Logo on front of program, verbal recognition at
                                          event, recognition in press coverage, and half table
      Silver Sponsor ($500) - Name/Logo on inside of program, verbal recognition at
                                         event,and two tickets to event           

- Give your time and help us prepare for the event.
   We would love for you to come help us sign and seal invitations, seek community
   businesses willing to contribute as sponsors or auction donors, spread the word (post
   advertisements and share the event on your Facebook page - start by liking this page
   using the button below!), and/or help us day of as we decorate and set up!