If you are interested in volunteering at Special Ministries, please complete the online form below, or print out the pdf file form and mail to: Special Ministries, 803 W. Main St., Brighton, MI 48116. Attn: Sabrina Musko.

You can find out about our volunteer opportunities at www.volunteerlivingston.com


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Online Volunteer Application

2. Are you completing community service for any of these reasons? (Mark one)

Have you been convicted of a felony within the past five years?

4. General availability:

5. Interests (please check all of your areas of interest):

7. Would you like to receive our newsletter?

8. Please provide one personal reference:

9. Survey information: (Optional information for grant writing and funding purposes)



Please Note: A waiver will need to be signed before any volunteers are allowed to participate. For a copy of the waiver, download the Volunteer Application pdf file at the top of this page.

Any questions about our Volunteer Application, please contact our office at 810-229-6661 x106